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SafeSave's clients are the men, women and children of the low-income 'slums' of Dhaka, Bangladesh. SafeSave ensures that it is working with poor or very poor people by working exclusively in such areas. 

Within that area, anyone can open an account, although children may open only a savings account.

Our clients are casually employed - as housemaids, day-labourers, or rickshaw drivers, for example - or self-employed as small stall-holders, peddlers or dressmakers, say. Some have waged jobs in the garments industry. Others are elderly, unemployed or schoolchildren.

SafeSave treats its clients as individuals, not as members of groups. A SafeSave Collector visits each client at his or her home or workplace every working day.


Billal Hossain (top left) is our Director. Billal's career has been with SafeSave since he joined as a trainee branch manager in July 2001.

Shankar Chandra Dey (bottom right, with Billal) is the Operations Manager, in charge of all financial services to clients. He joined SafeSave first as a trainee Branch Manager in September 2002.

Humaun Kabir (top right serving a client), who also joined as a trainee Branch Manager (in July 2001) is our Administration Manager.

SafeSave's key employees are the Collectors (bottom left, in a branch-level staff meeting) who each visit up to 230 clients daily. All are women, recruited, usually, from the slums where they work. Some have as little as seven years of formal education, but their background helps them understand the situation of their clients.