Financial Access Initiative
The Financial Access Initiative is focused on finding answers to how financial sectors can better meet the needs of poor households. It was founded by SafeSave member Jonathan Morduch.

An international centre of excellence established to create and share knowledge to end poverty. It is run by SafeSave member David Hulme.

Binimoy a private vehicle for investing in good microfinance you may care to invest 

Worldaware works in the UK to raise awareness of international development issues. 
awarded SafeSave its 1999 Prize for Financial Innovation - read why
 promotes good microfinance
their site hosts a mass of information about microfinance: CGAP helped to financeSafeSave to develop the rural experiment and the PalmTop computer project 

is committed to providing market-led solutions for financial service providers through disseminating research, practice-based toolkits and training.
PLAN is an international NGO that was SafeSave's early institutional investor.
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation has funded technical assistance to Safesave